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It's odd, coming back to fandom, after being away since... oh, 2008?
More disconcerting to have livejournal offer up a saved draft from then, also. o_O

On the good side, that's 4 years of incesty Supernatural porn to catch up on. On the other hand, wasn't there a reason I stopped? How much Sam/Dean does one person need to read?

I feel kind of fannish about a show, Shameless, but it apparently doesn't have much of a fannish following.

And on one hand, I kind of feel like my real life is interesting enough, that I don't need so many made up stories. On the otherhand, they kind of feel like fuel for the fire.
I've just met two really cute (in both senses of the word) guys, one of whom I'm going on dates with. They're both a bit bi, and have some kind of 'with benefits' thing going on, and they are also cute like deer, so I don't want to spook them, as I totally want to get both of them in bed. It would be AWESOME. Oh yes. Maybe for awhile. We'll see.
(And then I try not to objectify them too much, because I also like them as awesome new friends, but, I am such a straight guy at heart... who likes the cock).
So yeah, put that under the "if it's wrong, I don't wanna be right" file.

And no really, *2008*! I've just started systematically working my way through the recs sites since around then. I worry about how *quickly* I might manage to do this.
(No seriously, I've been using text-to-speech and listening while working. *sigh*)



Example: No Sweeping Exits or Offstage Lines
Uh. Tijuana and donkey porn references, and then - it's all sweet and a little heart-breaky anyway.
Bzuh? How?

The author reminds me of the fic I read in the first few months of falling for SPN, all full of prior history. And that's the fandom I married fell for.
I read DC... very... sometimes, right?
I'm still a free woman!

And. An aside. Ok.
I'm warming to that Playthings scene, if only because that [you know what I'm talking about and I can't be bothered spoiler cutting] (oh god, what were K, J&J & Co thinking?)...
Didn't look like the first time?

*finally stops running and gets stabbed with the guided-missiles of fan slayage. TY Kripke!*

(Umm, yeah - Just go with the assumption I'm a crazy person, but initially I felt like the only person in the world who hated that episode. But, then I got all meta-y, and now I've appropriately fan-wanked myself round to loving it. I'm a fickle, fickle, person).

Happy New Years!

Ok, first -

*♥* *♥* *♥*

I'm so totally in love with fandom, and all the brilliantly talented people herein. When I think about the things everyone's creating just purely because you're awesome, the opportunity the 'net gives us to spread and share these things, it fills my little heart with Icing Sugar, it's that sweet.

Further, because I'm about 4 hours off Jan 1st here, but more importantly, the eating and drinkening is beginning, I doubt I'm going to be online again in the next 48 hours.

So, I'm saying it now:
A happy New Years to you all, you all Rock!

P.S. Sorry for abuse of caps-lock.
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Heroes & Tentacles

Just watching Heroes Ep 9.

Peter says something about life getting better after high school. Pretty much every piece of American pop-culture I've seen makes them sound like torture chambers or concentration camps. Jeeze, what are American High Schools like?


Oh, and on an entirely unrelated note, there was an f-locked convo that evolved/devolved into discussions of tentacle porn, and look!
My brain presents even more Collapse )

Yeah, there wasn't even any wincest. Ha! You lose, brain!

[Edit: Ok, so I shouldn't have such a screwed up body clock to start with, but given that I do, it's awesome having a friend who's equally sleep-irresponsible, who txt's you at nearly 1am on a Tuesday morning, and tells you the full moon is really pretty tonight, and hey, wanna go to the botanic gardens?
And now I'll got back to pretending I'm responsible and shit.]

I'm a flake.

Yeah, so, I've kinda ducked out of the SPN stuff altogether recently (I'm only up to new-season episode three), and that's included the fannish stuff.

Ok, so moving the cracklist to the SuperWiki in an attempt to avoid responsibility, turned out to be an incredibly awesome idea, and people adding/changing stuff has been fantastic.

But - I owe a huge public apology to jassy3399, because you asked me to beta a story (well, stories), and I flaked out on you big time. And I'm [footnote] really, really sorry for that, especially because it can be nerve-wracking enough to be a new author, without having a beta go AWOL on you, and I just wanted to make sure that you know that it's really been all about me being a flake, not your fic.
(Although, damn, that sounds worse in some ways than not actually having an excuse - ok, so there was a few 'RL issues', and then I just got stressed about being 'late' with stuff, and have barely been commenting anything, hence my sucktasticness)
I think it's awesome you're writing in SPN, and I liked the second fic you sent me even more, which is why I think you should write lots and lots, and I'm sorry I haven't been encouraging you and praising you lots and lots.
*takes a breath*

I'm uh. Going to go eat now.
And sorry.
And. Yeah...

* Oh jesus Hel. Someone else just emailed me about betaing, right in the middle of this post. What kind of freakish coincidence is that? What does it mean? Is the universe trying to guilt-trip me further?

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Ok, I should use del.icio.us or something, but, for personal mems, so I don't lose it again for another few years:

A Night to Remember by M.A. Mohanraj
AKA that Babysitter story.
Run-of-the-mill erotica, but, well, underaged guys in sweaty Judo uniforms?

(Waaaaait. It's totally baby!Dean! ... Kinda? Am I just being myopic?)

Just scribble backups...

When was the last time I did one of these?
What happened to the whole backing this shit up here so I wouldn't lose/delete it by accident?
And why have I been private-locking pointless entries I make?

Aw man, don't tell me I'm developing a sense of shame. Argh! Must fight back!

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So, this is supposed to be my fandom only journal, but - I'm excited.
No, wait - I'm an Aunty.
(... and a little sleep deprived. Murphy declared the day after I'd been out 'socialising' the date for this significant event).

The short of it:
Long labour, healthy 8 pound, 2 ounce baby nephew.
I think he was born with a caul (the midwife said so), but I wasn't paying much attention to that at the time (now I'm all - wait, hey cool!). Dark hair, dark baby-blue eyes. And of course, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous because he's ours, our little baby, grandson, nephew, who we've been waiting for for so long now (not just the 12 days he's been overdue).

I didn't cry, but I'm a hardass.
*disproves this by melting into a pile of goo*