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Big 'Ol Crack List... Has Moved!

I've been getting behind with the crack list, so I've moved it here to the Super-Wiki.

It both makes it easier for me to edit (LJ gets to be a bitch editing pages that size), but primarily - makes possible for anyone and everyone to add stuff to the list. Neat, eh?

If you like the list, I hope I'll see you over there - and don't be shy about jumping in.

New link: http://supernatural.oscillating.net/index.php?title=CrackList


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No way?!

No, wait... actually no way.
*sigh of relief*
It is there, it's the first in the list even. I think it's just less visible because it doesn't have a date beside it.
I don't know what it should be, but should I just cheat and put Christmas Day?

*is on recs list*

Hee. Heeheehee. Is it sad that this makes me incredibly happy? I guess I'm not a jaded fanfic writer yet, lol.

Yay! Thanks for compiling this list. I love crack!fic.
Oh, holy ....

I did not need to find this until the weekend. I have too much to do in the next two days to sit down and read all these. Must work. Must work. Must work ...

This is fabulous. Thank you for compiling these!

Also, another 5 Things AU story: And by opposing end them (or Five Things That Never Happened to Max Miller & Sam Winchester)
Dude, I'm in an index! This rocks. Also, yay for compiled crack!

Don't know if you plan to keep the list up to date, but if you do, a couple things: the "Secret Life of Demons" (under succubi fic) (and I totally just typed that fuck, by the way) link should point to http://panthea.populli.net/fiction/slod.html.

Also, I've posted two more parts of "Balance of Power" (5: http://mayatawi.livejournal.com/447321.html#cutid1, 6: http://mayatawi.livejournal.com/447529.html#cutid1).

And now to wallow in the CRACK.
Heeee, I'm on a list. Yay. ♥

and I've got a SPN/Lost crossover here, if you like. :)
Great list, I think I found a few things I haven't read yet. Yay!

Btw, there's another gender switch story (still WIP though - and only three parts so far) by janissa11 here.
I just stumbled across this list and I must thank you! I mean you have every type of fic I could want and it's all in this well organized fancy list. I've read a lot of things I haven't seen before thanks to you. You made the fiction hunt easy for me, cheers!

I think I might marry you for creating this list. Hee!
Let it be known that you are a goddess. This list is gold (and SPN would be That Fandom that needs a list of organized crack.) Someone let me know about this list after reading my just-posted crackfic Girl!Dean AU, so might as well shamelessly pimp it here - dina winchester, yo
haha. um, I wrote the Sheryl Crow fic. It's Sam/Sheryl Crow. over here. It's not very good, you probably don't want to rec it.

I am such a retard.
I added it (and forgot to reply to you!), then LJ reverted it (or something it keeps $*&$*(*& deleting the end of the post!).

Uh, anyway, my deep apologies, and yeah I want it - Dude! Sam/Sheryl Crow!
What a fabulous list you've collected, I'm happily reading my way through it.

However, one of the sex pollen fics, Tempt Not A Desperate Man, has only the first part published public - tbc at the end of the chapter leads to a locked post. Do you happen to know if it's posted elsewhere?
The second part has been unlocked, but apparently it may be locked again in a few days, so I might have to put a note next to the story.
In the meantime, enjoy. :)
Regarding this one you're looking for:
[looking for: drabble, pre-Dead Man's Blood? Dean is a vampire, drinks from Sam, lotsa UST, Sam says or implies you can have this too (ie wincest), Dean says he's already a monster, he can't do that too...]

I think it's part 1 of the fic Five Things That Never Happened to Dean Winchester by lyra_wing.

It's here - http://lyra-wing.livejournal.com/7549.html
And I already had that listed under '5 Things type AU's'. D'oh!

Thank you so much for pointing that out.


Awesome list... thanks for putting it together! One question...
2006-04-22 / do-over (gen) is locked. Is there somewhere else I can read it?


Re: do-over

I don't think so, and it seems to be P-locked...
Sorry for the tease, I'll take it off the list.
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