Getting hit on...

Mommy, it hurts - mix #2

So, it turns out I can't even potter around with my 'mulch' (very small snippets of stories, see also: rubbish) if I think people are watching, as it's been a very long time since I wrote any.

I found myself including more personal ramblings - and I've realised that most of it wasn't out of an attempt to connect with others, but more because I just wanted an private/anonymous journal somewhere, where I could bleat to my hearts content.

So. I'm going to pick my way through and clear out the personal comments from here, and, if I write, and if anything that isn't entirely crap, I'll find some way of posting it without it being painfully obvious to me. I may still occasionally comment from here.
Bye all.

I is a big *dork* so I don't know why you're looking at this.

But hey, *shrug*.

This is not a fic journal, nor is it particularly friend-friendly, as it's basically all the incomplete random ramblings I want to keep track of for personal reasons, and me trying to contain my scary fangirling. Or something.

Oh. And several of the posts may have a high TMI factor, so consider yourself warned.